Steel halls and claddings

In the case of hall assembly, the frames of the steel structure are connected by trusses – METSEC (thin-walled hot-dip galvanized profiles) instead of steel pillars/profiles due to weight reduction in the roof section. The type of trusses is determined by a calculation that takes into account span, modulus, insulation, truss spacing and snow load. Each steel structure shall be provided with protective coatings of synthetic or polyurethane paint and, if necessary, fire resistant coating.

Steel constructions can be insulated with sandwich panels. Sandwich panels boast of high thermal insulation properties and are available in different thicknesses, properties and colours. Of course, these panels also offer high fire resistance.

We shall design structural solutions for steel halls to create the best venue for production, storage and services. We provide all-round services from project documentation through construction and acceptance of building works. Modern structural design and flexibility allow the construction of steel halls with unlimited areas.

Principal advantages of steel halls:

  • fast construction of steel halls
  • unlimited height of steel halls
  • optional span of steel halls
  • load of steel halls with overhead cranes from 1 t to 100 t
  • unlimited size of steel halls
  • optional parameters and shapes of steel halls
  • multi-storey steel halls for the optimal use of space
  • fast possibility to create a mezzanine floor in the steel hall
  • multi-storey buildings with integrated office and social facilities
  • best structural and structural integrity designs for steel halls
  • simple and fast completion of steel halls
  • technical, design and construction details for steel halls are resolved
  • low construction and operation costs of steel halls

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